5 Things You Need To Know As a Mompreneur

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Honestly, I hate the urban dictionary word deemed “Mompreneur”. I mean it’s a clever take in a society that lives for name combinations. It’s fine, but sometimes it makes me feel a little under-valued, maybe? Like I am not an all-the-way entrepreneur. Like I have one foot out the door or something. Buuuut, I think those feeling are just the ones that I project on to myself–which is also a key part in this post. Guilt is silly, when the truth of the matter is-“mompreneurs” are actually quite savvy. As we go thru life managing not only our businesses and dreams, we are managing our children and their well-being, our marriages and relationships have to be tended to with proper timing and care. So for the sake of relevance, I wanted to post to all of my Mompreneur sistas out there today. I wanted to share with you some tips that I WISH I would have known before I set out on this journey solo. Now, NONE of this would have changed my mind at all! I think I just think it would have helped me become a little more resilient a little quicker. But, nonetheless, here we are-some of us go before others to impart what they find! So, I hope you will find this helpful and encouraging as you go out on your own and take the plunge….

  1. Don’t try to find balance. It just doesn’t exist. In fact, I write about that A LOT. You can read more here and here just to give you an idea of my stance on balance. Listen, balance is simply exhausting. And while it sounds like a good thing, ultimately, trying to find balance leads to burn-out. If you are going to operate a business-some things are going to suffer. If you are the mama of littles and want to start a shop, there probably will not be a lot of time spent at home. If you are working full-time and coming home to kids sports and homework-there may not be a lot of time for gourmet cooking. Some thing will ALWAYS have to give when you start a business and want to make it thrive. And thriving is the difference between a business and hobby. So, make sure you know that up front-if you actually want to make money doing this gig, your pie chart will look different this season. And you know what? If you can just settle into that-it will be fine! It’s the over-action that produces the burnout. Keep LOVING your family and kids as priority. Lavish them to pieces. And know that LOVING doesn’t always mean every ounce of your time. I say, be all in when you are in! Be 100% present when you are in their presence. THAT is where you will have to make the commitment to put the phone down as soon as pick-up line happens. No more emails responses after 5p. This past summer, I had to batch work like CRAZY! I did not create very much time for work so I could be with my kids, but maaaan, the time I did create for myself was used until the last second! But, you know what? I got a LOT done that way. Whatever the boundaries are to make it work-make the boundaries, but do not seek balance.
  2. Draw some hard lines in the sand early on. In other words, you cannot please everyone so don’t even try. This will actually HELP you. My mentor, Jill Coleman, gave me that advice and it has been magic!  I remember as a young trainer, I took on EVERYone. High school athletes, elderly women, pregnant people, men…everyone. And my approach was pretty one-dimensional. But trying to not be made me exhausted. I did not know who I was as a trainer. It wasn’t until YEARS later I knew definitely that I LOVED working with moms and hormone education. And that I am anti-diet. And all about a moderation lifestyle. Saying NO to all other things helps my business. It helps me get niched out. I can openly say, “if you want to get super skinny, I ain’t yo girl.” And while at first turning down potential clients feels a little crazy, it actually is the opposite. You attract people attracted to YOUR approach and YOUR material or product. Someone parting ways with you because they have different needs is a GREAT thing. It gives you more room to serve people who will be your tribe and always be excited about your services or products. This goes for all areas of business. Get clear on your message and get clear on your goals and ideals which will help you find your IDEAL CLIENT. Don’t flounder around trying to appease and serve everyone out there. PS>>YOU WILL INDEED GET SOME HATERS. It’s all good though-for every hater, you get 10 or 20 or 100 people who get what you are doing!

  3. Don’t forget that success takes time. My husband is a super successful entrepreneur. I watch and study his behaviors and ask for his advice. At first, when I went into the fitness business on my own, I felt super insecure. I am married to a superstar and I was a little fish in a saturated market. It makes me laugh now though because I also seemed to forget the absolute GRIND he put in it in the beginning of his businesses. Late, late, SUPER late nights and early mornings. Relentless trouble shooting. Phones calls at all hours of the night with employees, clients, and potentials calling with questions and urgent matters. No salary. No compensation. IT WAS A LOT! And it took years to be successful. Funny how we often expect our great ideas to just be successful because WE KNOW they are good ideas! Good ideas are awesome, but there are a zillion out there. You have to be consistent every.single.day. You have to show up with expectancy, but also not quit when the response seems dismal. It’s work. It’s fun, but it’s also….work. Be prepared to work for a while! Again, my mentor, Jill Coleman, always says, “Don’t compare your year one to their year six.” That’s not fair to you and not fair to the time “they” put into their biz! Greatness takes time, friends.
  4. Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t know what you don’t know (and get with people who DO know). When I wanted to take my fitness business to the next level and take it online, I had NO CLUE how to do that. Like, didn’t even know how to connect a cart to my website. Thankfully, I had a great friend, Alison, who walked me through all the logistics of a website. BUT I was soooo stuck in getting my name out there outside of my small town. I wanted to get out of the same circulation. I needed major help on marketing, and lead magnets and content creation and programming. I can make up workouts in my sleep, but that does no good if I cannot deliver! So, I made an investment in myself. I joined a business mentorship of other fitness professionals starting online businesses led by Jill Coleman (can you see how much I have learned from her?). This was pricey, of course, but I had to count the cost. What if I DIDN’T do it? What if I just went on doing things the way I had been doing them? Chances are-I would have spun my wheels and gotten no where. Being in a mentorship has lit a fire under me to jump and jump again. Sometimes winning big, sometimes falling flat. But doing it, trying it, learning it, creating it. IT HAS CHANGED MY WHOLE MINDSET. And it has been educational and valuable. And while you are not required to get into a mentorship or a mastermind, I would then highly  suggest getting with some seasoned pro’s in your industry and offering to PAY for consults with them. BTW-NO ONE LIKES THEIR “BRAINS PICKED” OVER COFFEE. I know that sounds harsh, but honestly, it sort of insults what people do…especially when you are essentially going to be in the same industry as they are.  And I do not mean if they are your friends–I have several true friends who do what I do and we eat lunch and talk about business! I am talking about people you know of or know from a far or as a peer or colleague. A good gauge would be to ask yourself if it would be semi-random or catch them off-guard for you to ask them for professional advice and wisdom. If you think it would be a little awkward, then make it more professional. Ask direct & specific questions if you are seeking advice–offer to work under them for a while for free or a small fee if they have a spot available for you, or ask them if they charge a consult fee and offer to pay one whether or not they have it. They may say, “NO WAY! I would be happy to have coffee and give you the goods!”-either way, it is just nice to offer to show you VALUE someone for their time and expertise.  Bottom line: there is a lot more to business than your specific talent or gift. Marketing, manufacturing, creation, affiliations–it’s a lot! Don’t be afraid to get expertise (and often that means PAYING for it). Consider it an invaluable investment!
  5. It might be lonely. Some lucky friends go into business together. I always admire friends who create something together. It is a built-in, co-worker system with a shared dream. So so cool. But for a lot of us, that does not happen and we are flying solo. I knew when I committed firmly to treating NWF as a business and not a hobby, that I would have to eliminate a lot of my social life in the daytime. Before I took it next level, when my kids were in school,  I was mainly shopping, lunching or doing stuff around the house and just doing NWF when I had time. This past year, I have probably purposefully shopped a handful of times and I RARELY go out to lunch with people unless it is a special occasion or I feel a deep loneliness that becomes unhealthy. And that’s the thing to remember–don’t isolate, buuuuuut also, you have to block out lots of time to get stuff done. It’s a blurry line. I am still working on this-it has probably been the hardest learning curve for me, a natural extrovert who loves to be around people. But I also am easily distracted so I have to batch out time on the calendar and say NO to a LOT of things. I am trying lately to make some connections to other women with similar visions and missions to mine in the fitness & health industry. In my town, there are only a few in the fitness biz who share the same beliefs as me, but I have found them and plan to make better time with and for them. I definitely want to cultivate a climate of change in our city with these women! If you are buckling down like I have been, don’t forget to poke your head out from time to time and get some “fill” time, but don’t linger in that space forever…easier said than done I am learning!

Overall, I just LOVE the freedom of being an entrepreneur/mompreneur! It allows me soooo much freedom to create things I want to create EXACTLY the way I want to create and deliver them. ANNNND I get to stay home with my kids, work around important things, and write blog posts like this one in my car whilst waiting for art lessons to end 😉

What about you? Are you a mompreneur? What are you doing and what advice would you give someone starting out on their journey? I’d love to hear from you!

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Latin, Social Work and Health & Fitness. {Fit & FREE open for enrollment)

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Fit & FREE open for enrollment! 

For some reason, I have always been attracted to things that are a little harder to attain. Harder to measure precision. Things with variable outcomes. It also means I have never been fully black & white. That is probably why I don’t like anything that includes mathematics!

When I was in high school, I took Latin, while all of my peers took Spanish. Looking back on it now, I just laugh because it would have been SO INCREDIBLY valuable for me to take Spanish. Nothing is more beautiful or interesting to me than a person who is bi-lingual in Spanish and English. But, no. Not me, I chose Latin. A dead language.  A language no one speaks. But for some reason, it was just so appealing to me. And it was hard. And I actually struggled with it, but the fact that I took Latin and it was a struggle and my teacher smelled like coffee and deodorant ( and not in a good way), still to this day for some reason satisfies me.

My major in college was social work, and the first thing out of everyone’s mouth was always, “oh, goodness, those jobs are just so hard…bless your heart.” And those jobs were really hard. Heartbreaking, even. Some days I would come home with nothing left emotionally to give because my line of work was just so draining. Yet, I loved it. For every 200 people I met with and planned with and tried to make a difference for, there was usually 1 success story and the rest were a lot of heartache. But that ONE success and breakthrough was what I lived for! It drove me to look for the next one. Even the non-“successful” stories still held so many glimmers of hope-and that hope always kept me wanting more.

The harder stuff is fun for me.

The complicated stuff is my jam.

Now, when I tell people I work in the health and fitness industry-I feel like I see the immediate response written all over their face. Thinking of Jane Fonda or a gym rat or a pushy lady with a microphone on her head yelling over people telling them to push harder or eat better. Then the  question out of their mouth is, “Oh… so you teach Zumba or something?” I immediately bite my tongue and smile and say, “Actually, I work with women to take control of their choices and live a life that is free of social pressure and norms and truly be free to be their authentic selves….oh, and we lift weights too.”


Don’t mess with me. I took Latin in high school.

Working with women on how to love themselves in a saturated, shallow, narrow-minded industry is freaking hard. And of course, I love it. But it takes time, and it takes devotion from ME and from THEM to push through these weeds. And pushing thru this many weeds takes a machete, my friends.

When, I created Fit & Free I knew it was going to be a gamble…it was going to be an odd gift to package.  Telling women that getting real results and healing metabolism  meant they would have to become intuitive and savvy and learn to live sustainably in a world that tells them skinny, fast, perfection and willpower are are all the tools they need for success …is…well, challenging. You see the Latin theme here, right?

On a very surface level, I want Fit & FREE to give physical results that people want. On a heart level, I want to give them results that they didn’t know they wanted. To be transformed from within. To actually GET IT and not rely on me to do it for them. To understand that life is always changing and hurling obstacles our way and we can manage to roll with it with a little grace. And in those times, we keep getting back in our power and making some good decisions. We get back in the driver’s seat every single day knowing and being ok that today might not look like yesterday, but we are equipped. Maybe that is with a really smart eating decision, or maybe that is simply saying, “No” to another draining commitment. We own our choices. We choose what outside noise gets in. And don’t get it twisted-what we let in from the outside has a LOT to do with our physical health!

It’s a little bigger of a commitment that takes a little longer. But in the end, we see that glimmer of being set free.


Fit and free is a revolutionary way, a new way to do fitness and nutrition. Before F&F I used to think there was only two options. The first, embrace the Dove commercials that tell me to accept defeat, you will always be the way you will be and it is just time to start loving that idea. The second, hate your body in its current state, and starve and exhaust yourself until it’s perfect. 

Well, guess what? With F&F you don’t have to choose you get the best of those two options. Nicki teaches us how to improve our body by retraining our minds, healing our metabolism, and loving our body along the way. 
I highly recommend fit & free. I had some very unhealthy mindsets about health and fitness coming into this program: always trying the new diet, being a slave to the scale, cursing the imperfections of my body, comparison, binge eating…you name it. After 12 weeks of this program, I am truly fit and free! I tried a new way, I dealt with the unhealthy mindset junk standing in my way of progress, and I have learned what it means to be content with the process.
Because here is the reality, the cycle of defeat: you fall into a diet trap, you stick to it hard core for two weeks and then you quit because you are miserable and h-angry, so you go right back to your old unhealthy habits and gain everything back. Repeat. 
We must STOP! Stop with the diet trap. That starts with having a heart-to-heart with your body and your soul and applying practical, life-changing steps in your nutrition and fitness regimen that you will stick to the rest of your life! 
Nicki digs deep to the roots of our issues. She challenges us to be consistent, disciplined in a way that is not restrictive or exhausting. We get to eat y’all. We get to be full. We get to sweat a practical, realistic amount. We get to live our crazy, busy, chaotic lives and be happy. 
The fact of the matter is this. If I can do this for 12 weeks and not want to give up even after the 12 weeks is over, then it is sustainable and it is worth it. 
Disclaimer: this isn’t a get skinny quick program, this is a kickstart to a lifetime commitment of improving your muscles your metabolism and your mindset! I am not on a diet, I am fit and free!”  -Kyndall J

My signature program Fit & FREE is a 12-Week Comprehensive Food and Fitness Course to Overcoming Yo-Yo Dieting and Negative Body Image is available NOW. You can get it by clicking THIS LINK.

Course will begin MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18th and spots are limited to keep the group as intimate as possible.

Most of the information takes place inside of a secret FB Group, so you will need an active FB account. You will also need a set of dumbbells. All follow up info will be emailed upon purchase.

This program does require a 3-month commitment, so please only sign up if you are ready to be committed and want to take time to make significant change.

I am so so so excited to do this with you! To work on some hard things together, learn and become more savvy about our bodies and what they can do.

Let’s do this, sister! Lesssgooo!

Xoxo, Nic

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#WeekendWarrior Workouts Downloadable- 36 Killer Bodyweight Workouts

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#WeekendWarrior Workouts are HERE!

I don’t know about you guys, but my summer is CA-RAZY! The non-schedule is what gets to me the most. I mean, I one part LOOOOOVE it so much, and on the other hand when there is stuff to be done–I don’t like it so much. The biggest difference I have seen this year, is that having a 10-year old play on a select basketball team has taken us to some errrrrr….interesting places on the weekends! HA!

There have been lots of tiny, cramped hotel stays on the interstate or in the middle of an east Texas town. While they are all super fun times, I realize how inconsistent our weekends are. Predictability has pretty much gone out the window. Actually, in all my years of working with women, I find that SUMMER is the hardest time to stay on track–funny, most people think it is the holidays! That is when a lot of women fall into the All or Nothing Mentality. I see why now. It’s hard to have tons of activities going on and stay with your normal routine. Ladies, we HAVE TO STICK WITH IT! And honestly, doesn’t a great sweat sesh so something good for the soul??

That’s why I wanted to created a Downloadable Guide of 36 #WeekendWarrior Workouts. 36, ya’ll! That’s a LOT of workouts! I LOOOOOVE this guide for those of you who are in the same boat as me–although maybe your boat looks a little different. Maybe you work on the road a lot. Maybe you are a chronic vacationer (lucky) or maaaayyyybbeee you are just sick of lugging the kids to childcare at your gym. Let’s be honest, the workout is in GETTING THE KIDS READY! LOOOL!

This guide is awesome for everyone, honestly. I love it because:

  • You can literally do these workout ANYwhere–even those tiny hotel rooms!
  • You need absolutely ZERO equipment! No dumbbells, no kettlebells, no jumprope…ZILCH!
  • You can be at any fitness level to do these!
  • You can do almost every single workout in 30 minutes or less!

Want the #WeekendWarrior downloadable? Go HERE and get it now!

As always, let me know what you think! Never skip a workout again!

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My Little 3-Hour Workshop Is All Grown Up!

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Fit & FREE Online is now available!

Trust me when I say, I am definitely not a risk taker. By nature, I like things to be smooth-sailing. Not necessarily boring, but I do like to know what to expect. And I am loyal to things. Loyal to causes. Loyal to people. Loyal to jobs. Loyal to dry shampoo brands. It takes a lot of get me out of sync. Uuuuuusually.

After about a year of debating whether or not to “go out on my own” in the personal training industry-I finally jumped off of that baby cliff. Which honestly, looking back at it now, was suuuuch a molehill! I mean, you guys, I had MY OWN NEWLY RENOVATED TRAINING SPACE, no rent & a great clientele. But, lemme tell ya, it was a hard baby cliff to jump from. The root of my fear was failing. OR WORSE YET…succeeding. I mean, can you even? Why would a person NOT want to succeed. Well, that’s a tricky question to answer. I think when I reflect on it, it’s a variety of things: What if the workload is too much? What if I run into problems before I am ready to handle? What if I don’t know the answers? What if…I don’t know anything at all? But, I survived. I had a great group of women coming in a few times a week to do some small group training. It was awesome. I could be creative AND work my own, chosen hours. Dream come true for this little mama.

What I didn’t realize is how very multi-layered women are-both physically AND emotionally. I mean–I KNEW that for myself, but I thought I was the complicated one! I saw that as we age, our bodies become more needy. In the past (mostly in our 20’s), it was kill it in the gym and eat whatever you wanted within reason. The more and more I trained new mamas, or women into their 30’s, I was seeing that that approach worked on some women, but not others. And furthermore, the FAILURE these women felt for not being able to be “successful” at losing weight with the same approach they had used in previous years was just breaking my heart for them. I knew there had to be another way. I had to dig deeper. I had to make exercise more efficient. I had to dig into this metabolism thing. But mostly, I had to address the body image issues that were brimming over the top. I prayed for several weeks, and God led me to my next jumping off point-a blueprint for Fit & FREE. 

What started out as a 3 hour-workshop on how to eat well for your own individual needs, exercise more efficiently and love your body for where it is now–was a sell-out success. It was so encouraging to see women LEARNING about what a healthy plate with macros looks like, what a short & effective workout can do as opposed to hours of cardio, and watching them respond to God around their body-image hang ups was my favorite. Still, when we got the reviews, most people wanted MORE.

I prayed about 6 months. Trying to figure out how to incorporate people into my in-person training with my Fit & FREE method. It just kept seeming like it was soooo much information with little time. Most women who train in-person with me don’t have time to listen to a teaching. And they don’t necessarily want to take time out of their Saturday either. It was sort of a logistical nightmare, yet…I wanted the message out SO BADLY!!! Then, the Lord kept bringing online fitness to my mind. Naturally, I was resistant. For me, that was unchartered waters, I mean, I had a blog, but I have NEVER executed anything online. So, I decided to enroll in a year-long,  business mastermind specifically geared towards fitness professionals wanting to put services online. After several months of learning GOBS (funny word!) of information on how to deliver services via the inter-web, how to narrow my message down a little better and how to get it to you…I bring you Fit & FREE online!

I am soooo excited to get to offer all of this to you all. My hope is that Fit & FREE becomes a way of life for women everywhere. That they would no longer go back to the old “exercise for hours and eat hardly anything” diet that we have been told to do over and over and over. It just does not work. Frankly, this method does. All roads will eventually lead back to Fit & FREE. It sort of epitomizes the way I view all health and fitness. Moderation for your sanity and for others. Don’t let a diet run your life…it’s time YOU get in the driver’s seat.

Read all about Fit & FREE here. I am so happy to answer any questions you may have about my passion project  before jumping on board! You can email me at nicki@fitwithnicki.com I will be available all week to answer ANY question or concerns you may have about it.

Let’s do this, ladies! Get the program HERE!



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#ActionOverPerfection Challenge!

|By Nicki Wilson| Motherhood, Wellness

I am soooo excited about this new FREE Checklist #ActionOverPerfection- I am offering this along with a 10-day FB challenge group!!! Here’s the thing. We have so many roles as women. We want balance, we want to give our all, BUUUUT balance is a myth. How can you give 100% of all of you in every area of life? It just cannot happen. There will be seasons of your life when you are a bad-a employee, the world’s best mom, cooking 3 square meals a day, the savior of your kiddo’s school, the community advocate, the wife of the year. But guess what? It probably won’t happen all in one day, week or year. Your life will ebb and flow. And you can be all these things certainly, but let’s not break our neck for the pie chart to be equal parts. Let’s focus on what is in front of us that matters most, and show up consistently everyday. You guys know my motto by now: Small changes=BIG results.

So, the Checklist-this is SUPER fun for me to create. Though not very fitness-y, it is really where my heart lies for all women. Take a few VERY IMPORTANT areas of your daily life. Commit to a few minutes of attention to them consistently, feel successful, feel fulfilled, feel…purposeful and ALL IN.

Want in? Sign up by clicking this link!

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Define Your Goals: Change or Maintenance

|By Nicki Wilson| Types of Fitness, Workouts

Lately, I have encountered a lot of women who have expressed a feeling similar to something like this-“I have been doing ___________ for soooo long and I see very little to no change in my body.” They are all extremely frustrated. In short, they want an easy answer from me as to why, but truthfully the science behind it is subjective, and well…frankly has a lot to do with what you want and how you are going about getting there.

First, I am not going to address weight loss as the desired factor.  I know there are weight loss needs, and I get that. But for all practical purposes, let’s assume that you know weight loss is more about HOW and WHAT you eat, rather than how hard you work out and deprive yourself {though fitness IS a component–NUTRITION MATTERS MORE THAN YOUR WORKOUTS when talking fat loss}. Nutrition drives the bus (gross control), and fitness is the GPS system (fine control).  I don’t want to go deep into nutrition stuff today, because I have written so much about it, but it is very important to fuel yourself properly. If you DID NOT know this and feel stuck in a dieting yo-yo system, paaaaallllleeeeaasse go download my e-course #FoodAsFuel and getchaself educated!! It’s FREE, btw.

Ok, ok, ok…so speaking beyond what we know about how to lose weight (mostly nutrition) let’s get into the workout aspect of it all. IF you are frustrated in the way you are working out and not seeing results, you need to ask yourself a question: Am I trying to MAINTAIN my look or am I trying to CHANGE it?

I am assuming that if you are frustrated, you are probably not trying to maintain your current physique. If you are, that is awesome. I spend about 90% of my year in a maintain phase of exercise. When you are maintaining, you are basically keeping your routine as is–not increasing duration, intensity, or volume too much. Maintaining typically means you have a good system going that works for you and you are satisfied with the results your current regimen or routine is providing for you. There is a little change in weight or timing here and there, but for the most part, you have the same thing going. For me, that looks like HIIT a couple times a week, a fun cardio class and some moderate weight training.

Maintenance is a great place to be. Generally, you are in a maintenance phase because you really are comfortable with the way you look & feel–strong, sexy, able-bodied and you have the time to keep this up! You also typically LIKE what you are doing, which makes it easy to show up on the days you are working out (which is a huge factor in successful fitness).

The problem is, often…people are in a maintenance phase WHEN THEY SHOULD BE IN A CHANGE PHASE. Let me explain: Some of you are doing the same kind of thing over and over in your routine. And in that routine, your body has stopped responding because it is not challenged–hasn’t been introduced to any new elements. So, while you are working hard and showing up every day (or whenever) you just are not seeing desired physical results (I am not talking stress relief or community–just real physicality).

Soooo, what’a a girl to do? Imma tell ya.

  1. Take a look at your #FoodAsFuel ^^^^As stated above. 
  2. Get Heavier.  I know this is scary to some of you. Especially those who are afraid of the “bulking up” thing. I totally get that, but I talk about it again and again, that in order to REALLY BULK UP, you have to make some incredibly significant changes to your eating/supplements/weights. And I mean….you have to be committed to the bulk. Really, when I say get heavier, I mean, simply pick up the next size dumbbells, and then the next and then the next. Or add the 2.5 lb plate to your barbell, and then more and then more. All progressively and all as your strength and ability increases (over time, not in one day)!  Increasing your weight training, challenges the muscle, the muscle is a metabolic burning tissue that responds to that change. Over time, you see more muscle popping out. Probably less fat too. For those of you who have been in group fitness type classes for a while-you are the ones who tend to get stuck in the pattern the most. You are comfortable with the dumbbells you use. It is still a challenge, but not enough of one. This isn’t bad-I was a group fitness instructor for years. But we are not really trained to go around and force you to lift more, that really isn’t our role, so YOU have to be the judge of that for yourself. That’s why I looooooove doing small-group training because I can totally see when a woman is ready for that next weight up. How can I tell if this is me? Whether you are in a group setting or not, you can gage this–if you can get thru reps VERY quickly with little to no burn or fatigue, you are using weights that are too light. Try moving up, but note that if you cannot get thru the fixed number of reps-it might be too heavy. Play with that. Get two sets of dumbbells and work to failure with one weight and then drop if needed. You will only know if you try, so level up.
  3. Check your INTENSITY. Intensity gaging is probably the most frustrating thing I experience as a trainer. The sheer fact of showing up, unfortunately, doesn’t make a change. I wish it did. I would be drinking coffee in the back of a Crossfit box gettin’ muscle thru osmosis if so! Alas, you have to bust your booty to get the desired results. There are some people, like my husband, who oddly can give 110% and come out panting and gasping for air and dripping EVERY TIME they work out. God bless that man-there is absolutely no question when he works out that he gives maximum effort. Buuuuut the rest of us tend to be a little more vague. we need to find that sweet spot of giving the given activity max effort.  Soooo….how do you know if you have enough intensity? According to Jill Coleman, you want to check if you are breathless, burning, heavy, hot & sweaty. So, get breathless-work hard-get out of breath–this is especially important in bouts of shorter cycles. Obviously, you cannot stay in the breathless zone for long, but give yourself a need to rest! Burning-make the muscle feel the burn. Lifting weights–remember, slowly add the lbs-you don’t have to burn out with a one rep max, but figure out what you can do for the given reps that you will actually FEEL. In other words…make it a little harder. Hot & Sweaty- I know some of you don’t sweat much, but are you getting hot at least? I know mama’s got stuff to do and doesn’t wanna be a sweaty beast when she makes that Target run after class, but a little sweaty hair and BO never hurt anyone. You gotta work harder. A good sweat or a nice red face is usually a good indicator of a good workout. If you are going to work on your intensity in cardio classes/running/HIIT, etc. I HIGHLY recommend shortening the duration of the workouts. Going intense for shorter amounts of time. Or resting periodically if you do long cardio.
  4. Switch it up for a while (CHANGE PHASE). I REALLY like this option. What I mean by changing it up is literally change what you are doing for a short period of time. Leave the old routine behind for a couple of months and do something else, OR add something more intense to your current routine if you work out 4 days/week or less. OR cut a few days of something out to add the new routine in. I know this seems scary to some of you-especially if you are a creature of habit, but if you do it for a while, you might see the change you want and THEN you are able to go back to your usual routine to maintain. I am currently doing that right now. My goal is to gain a significant amount of muscle mass (like, I want to SEE bigger muscles), therefore, I have added 4 extra, heavy compound lifts/week to my usual routine. I cut out a couple of other workouts I normally do to make this happen. This means I am working out 6 days/week to my normal 5. It is waaaay more intense of a regimen, but I am already seeing fast results. The plan tho, is to not keep this program up, but to do it for 9 straight weeks, measure the results, and resume my typical routine (maintain)–making a few tweaks to keep my new found muscle. This is a change phase for me.

There is nothing quite as frustrating as putting in the time to workout and not seeing what you want to see. I totally get it. I would love for you to try these tips out and see what you think. You don’t have to do all of them at once, a combo of at least two might do the trick. Seriously consider changing things up for a short period of time!

If you have questions about anything, please shoot me an email and we can chat about it! Let’s make the best of the time we have and get some results!

xoxo, Nic

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3 Ways To Stay On Track While Traveling

|By Nicki Wilson| Uncategorized

Last week, I shared a little bit about my reasoning for creating the “Guide To The Best-ish Fast Food Choices”. You can read that post here. The goal isn’t to become a fast food junkie! Quite the contrary! It is to guide thru those less than stellar times when we are forced to reckon with our situation. Busy people, working people, college kids….we are sometimes out of our desired and controlled element when it comes to maintaining healthy choices.

Think about it-if you travel a lot, you eventually are forced to make a decision around what you can do to stay healthy. So, you start to learn how to make the most of hotel gyms. Or you start to run because it is an easy, take-anywhere solution! If you are committed to making sustainable life changes, this INCLUDES rolling with the punches and not becoming defeatist around your options. So, next time little Jimmy’s ballgame ends at 9:30pm and everyone is hangry and as happy as a cat in a bath and all there is to eat is Taco Bell…you make the best choice possible.

Traveling is this way for eating. It’s got to be mental shift from “Oh well, I’ll get back at it when I am home. For now….Double bacon cheeseburger with a large Coke” to “Oh well. Not my first choice, but lemme see what I can do here.” You see? Again-it’s should never ever ever be all or nothing when it comes to health! It will set you up for mental failure and resignation. So, here we are! Let’s talk about 3 ways to stay on track while traveling. Just in time for Spring Break and/or Summer Vacations! To me, these breaks breed lack of structures and mindfulness and wreak more havoc on the health journeys than Christmas! And mostly it boils down to people just giving up to their circumstance…and vacation should not be made to make you feel like a victim! LOL! It’s a privilege to get to travel! I encourage you to try these things next time you are traveling for work or for pleasure!

1. Find the protein source in every meal. 

This basically is trying to find something 1.) you like. 2.) has a good balance of macro nutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat). Emphasis heavy on the protein. It really is just a way to get fuller for longer. Carbs are great, but as fast burning energy sources, they tend to burn off and leave you hungry faster. And usually while traveling you aren’t working out as much, so I try to find protein sources with every single meal! Chicken, beef, eggs, pork, greek yogurt, cheeses–these all have high protein.  You don’t have to aim for a gram amount or anything…just try to eat it with every meal.

2. Try Sampling. 

Maybe it’s just me, but vacation and travel makes me get severe food FOMO (fear of missing out). As I have posted before, I am a foodie and vacations make me want to EAT ALL THE FOOD! You really can’t blame me. I live in a mid-size town that has mostly chain & fast food restaurants. I rarely get to experience cultural, culinary things…and tex-mex does NOT count (sorry, this New Mexico gal has never understood it-LOL!). So, when I go to new places, I want to try the food. And when I go to a new restaurant, I want to order something huge at every course as well as decadent dessert. That is totally normal and all, but the issue is that I am also going to to the same thing tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. And the remainder of the trip. Because…#nocook policy on vacation. So, what has helped me? To become aware of the fact that I can eat the food because it is great, but I don’t have to go OFF on it! Eat a sampling of things. If you love the meat and cheese board…go for it-try some of each! Steak and veggies? Sure! Dessert-yes, have some, or order several and take a few bites of each. You are not required to finish off the entire plate! Chances are you will be super full at some point in the meal, and guess what? Tomorrow there will be another great meal around the corner…just eat like you normally would at the meal in front of you! There is not obligation to overdue it even if the food is giving you all the feels! HA!

3. Remove the Guilt.

Listen, I know eating 100% pure is not easy…it’s almost impossible. Add all the issues of life and it’s a even more challenging. And honestly, you will be back in your usual element in a relatively short amount of time, so a slip up here and there are not going to end it all! Just get out of the “All or Nothing” mindset and try to live out the “I am doing my best” mindset. And you will start to see changes take place in your eating habits and the way you self-talk. It’s a practice for sure. And remember the goal is to always eat the same. Monday-Sunday and home or on vacation. It’s a no-diet life style in the works. Trust yourself in the process of learning a new way. New ways have slip ups and bumps. It’s all good…just keep at it!

If you have never done my e-course, #FoodAsFuel I HIGHLY encourage you to go thru it. One email teaching per day for 9 days with practice notes. It’s *free* and you can get it here.

ANNNND, if you need to grab the “Best-ish Fast Food Choices” e-guide for FREE….you can do that by clicking THIS LINK  .

It will be a fantastic lil’ piece of info for you for busy nights, road trips or random deep desires of Chick-Fil-A that pop up from time to time…which of course, never happens to me 😉

xoxo, Nic

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My e-Guide To The Best-ish Fast Food Choices

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Truthfully, I never really enjoying eating fast food. It has been a mental barrier for me to get over since I swore if off years ago, after watching the documentary film “Super Size Me.” You should definitely watch it if you want to be grossed out! LOL! But seriously, something really lovely happened out of that movie-the fast food industry responded. And actually, responded quite well!

If you go to most (tho not all) fast food chains, they have a pretty robust menu with variety. Many even offer some salad options with pretty good, quality greens (I am passionate about a good green!!). However, some of the items that are meant to be healthy, are actually just as bad as eating the big ol’ burger! So, how do you decipher what is “good” on a fast good menu? I did that for you and here’s how:

I basically researched several of the most popular fast food chains in America and looked closely at their menu. I took the top 2 healthiest choices by breaking down their macronutrient info and places it into a handy dandy little guide for you! BAM! Why macronutrients? Remember me talking about those HERE. Essentially, we need carbs, proteins and fat to maintain a strong, healthy physique. A good macronutrient allows this. Soooo, the choices I have given you in the guide are the best from the menu. Keep in mind that they are far from perfect, but at this point it’s a “don’t shoot the messenger” type deal. The food is what it is and I am simply helping you navigate the middle!

I think you will find this guide exceptionally helpful as you go on Spring Break this week or summer break coming up! Listen, we can’t win ’em all on the road, and I don’t know about you, but I am DEFINITELY not down with packing my own protein shakes or searching for a fridge at every stop to store my pre-made meals (shhhhhaaaaa AS IF–LOOOOL). Nope, per usual, I’m just gonna be normal and eat what is in front of me by making the best possible choice. I mean, after all, that is all part of the Fit & FREE experience, right?! No need to freak out about your healthy lifestyle, ya’ll….Nic Nic’s gotcha covered!

Download the e-Guide for FREE by cliicking >>>>HERE <<<<<



xoxo, Nic

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Thoughts From The World’s Okayest Skier

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Even though I grew up in the mountains of New Mexico, I never once went skiing. Truthfully, I didn’t even know it was a thing to ski mountains. When we moved to Texas, all of the youth groups went skiing on Spring Break. It wasn’t until then that I saw that it wasn’t just a thing, but my peers, some of them, were light years ahead of me in my abilities. I remember the first time I went skiing was with my youth group to Aspen, Colorado. Aspen. It was like telling your kid you were gonna take them out to learn how to ride a bike and sitting them down on a dirt bike and letting them go.

Naturally, I was terrible. Inexperienced and fearful. No lessons or anything. I figured if certain members of the group could do it, then surely I could. I mean…look at them-no way can they have this thing down better than I can figure out in a day. Well, as it turns out, skiing is a learned skill. And I would look to my left and see tiny–i mean TINY children coming down the mountain beside me with easssse and no poles. It was the cutest and most disturbing thing to see all at the same time. How could they be so poised and calm and good at the age of 3? Meanwhile, my poles had been tossed back up the mountain again with yet another crashing fall. I was over it.

Turns out, I would marry a guy who was once one of the 3-year olds gliding down the mountain with ease. His family avid skiers. Always a family affair. So, I knew I was going to have to soldier up and learn how to ski if I was going to be able to mentally get through family ski vacations with my dignity in tact. Plus, I’m not a punk who isn’t going to try.

Fast forward 14 years and several ski trips in. I’ve learned to ski. I hardly ever crash. I can maintain control. I will sometimes go down a black mountain, but it usually is backed by some sort of money/reward ORRRR it’s an altogether trick–something my husband is notorious for. But I do ski now. I can manage. I can hang with a few people. I can offer advice to people who were once in my shoes-though how annoying is unsolicited advice-so honestly, I just offer moral support and a pole to help someone up every once in a while. I’m okay. Teetering on both the side of good and on bad.

There are a few ideals that I absolutely LOVE about the sport of skiing. One, is that most people can learn to ski, therefore, it is something we can do as a family. I have sooooo much connection time with my 8-year old daughter when we ski. She and I just laugh and laugh and go up and down over and over. Secondly, I love being in the mountains when the creation is bigger than you are and you are at it’s mercy. I know that seems a little frightening that I feel that way, but I do. Somehow, that re-centers me and takes me off of my own pedestal. And while I am on the slopes, since I am often by myself because I take a good 5-10 minutes longer than everyone else to get down the mountain-God ALWAYS reveals to me some pretty cool lessons. Last week, we were fortunate to get to go with some dear friends to Jackson Hole, WY and I really feel like the Lord laid some good ones on me and I thought I’d share them with you. You don’t have to be a skier to relate-honestly, they are all metaphors because that’s how cool God is. And why do I gain all of these insights, you ask? I don’t know. This is just how I live my life…very metaphorically!

Thoughts from The World’s Okayest Skier:

1. Sometimes There Is Only One Way Down.

Truthfully, this has been the theme of my life last year. As someone who thrives on a strict regimen and routine, which is often extremely beneficial, but can also be a little detrimental. It’s detrimental because sometimes an on-going, unchanging routine or way of thinking makes you stick to one thing or doing something one way. Sometimes that one way is fine, butttttt what if you could expand things and make them grow? Make it better? What if you are always on the same blue and never move on to that black? So, on top of the mountain, you are at the top with a few choices, sometimes all of them SEEM scary or seem insurmountable, but the only way down is to actually go down (ok, OR have ski patrol pick you up, but I digress…). Facing the fear, the speed, the loss of control is part of the game. So, standing at the top of the mountain, skis pointed down–sometimes you just GO FOR IT. And I have to add, sometimes going down means falling. It means losing the poles. It means looking a little awkward or foolish. But you get down the mountain and you are better for it! 

2. Facing Discomfort and Fear Is Growth.

I could easily vowed after my first bout of skiing in Aspen to never put on skis again. After all, it is optional. After all, I failed miserably. Lots of people saw how badly I sucked. There is no reason at all to get back on that mountain. All true, all valid thoughts. But the fact of the matter is, I saw the value of what it would mean for me to actually try to learn how to ski. It would benefit several things in my life-a fun thing to do with family and friends, a goal to check off my list. But mostly, it was a fear and discomfort that I needed to overcome. Uncomfortable things-situations, conversations, obstacles are all too often avoided because we don’t want to feel the discomfort they bring. In a world of everything that is instantly gratified, and filtered into a social media world-we can avoid discomfort. Skiing a black to me is the most mentally uncomfortable thing for me to do. Honestly, when I get up there, I feel like a fraud! Like someone is doing to escort me down when they see how inept I am to be doing this! But there is so.much.value in venturing through the fear and coming out alive! What if you just had the hard conversation with that person? What is the absolute worst that could happen? What if you just make the choice to say NO instead of yes because you have FOMO? What if you actually pursued your little side gig and started taking it seriously instead of being afraid of what people might think of you? Face the discomfort. Ski the black even though you are trembling.

3. Don’t Forget How Small You Are.

While it may seem like the former points were GO GO GO, You are a BIG girl now! You are indeed big girls with big purposes, but sometimes we need to be reminded of how small we actually are too. Somehow, I think nature ALWAYS points us in that direction. And I love that design-something so vast in stature, so raw and pure can quickly make us feel our place is a wee bit less. That’s not to say we do not have huge callings or purposes. We do. It’s just that sometimes we are so wrapped up in them that we become short-sighted of some pretty awesome things going on around us. It’s a funny that we have to be in magnificent landscape to see that sometimes, but I’m so glad that we can. Remember that we are granted giftings and talents and we need to use them exceptionally well. But ultimately we also need to recall that we are not in control and we have to give glory to God for allowing us such things!

4. Don’t Take Your Physical Abilities For Granted. 

This is actually quite literal. Don’t take your physical abilities for granted. How humans ever thought to put long objects on their feet and go really fast down a steep terrain, I am not sure. Someone did it though because they were able to! And now, it’s a favorite past time! Our bodies AND MINDS are amazing. I was giving thanks all the way down each run that I am in shape. And as you all know, it has NOTHING to do with vanity and EVERYTHING to do with times such as these. For times that I can ski for hours with my 8 year old. And even though in a couple of years she will catch on that ol’ mom is not as good as the rest of the family, but I know she will value the effort. And I know skiing is a luxury, but this goes as close to home as you let it. My favorite thing to do on nice days is jump on the trampoline with my kids. And throw the football with my son. And work on pull-ups with him. And practicing hip hop with my daughter. There is so much value in moving everyday, finding things you love, but also finding the things that will give you a challenge to get stronger & better.

What about you? Does this resonate with you in any way? Is there a mountain in your life you need to just point the skis down and go? I’d love to hear about it!

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THIS WEEK ONLY…10% off Online Training!

|By Nicki Wilson| Types of Fitness, Wellness, Workouts

You guys, some years are winners and some…notsomuch. 2016 was a great year for NWF! I feel like it started out with a huge bang with my Fit & FREE event! It was truly amazing for me for to get a blueprint of vision from the Lord of something, go out on a limb {pretty blindly, I might add} and put on an event not sure of the outcome, and have it be a success. Fit & FREE really launched my attitude this year of #ActionOverPerfection and to really start making serious forward motion steps for me in terms of future plans for NWF.

Among other things, one of my biggest changes was adding an online element to my training in November. Again, it has been a learning process, and I have had the most AH-MAZING clients who have given this new venture energy and effort to push it forward! At first, I had a “gonna just try this and see” attitude, but as the momentum has caught on-I am seeing that I LOVE being able to connect and share info in these training groups! And with them being held in SECRET FACEBOOK groups, it gives me the ability to do live videos to really drive my points home, answer questions and interact with my peeps! Awesome. And just like my in-person trainings, I love love love to see the members of the group connect to one another in support and empathy. It’s a beautiful thing.

So, in honor of this new space, I want to offer EVERYONE (current and new clients) a 10% discount to my online training packages! You guys, with a 10% discount, it’s literally less than $1 per day for workouts and lots of metabolic eating information! BUT I want to make so much more available to all of you and online is the way to do that since not everyone can live in glorious WACOTOWN!

This offer will end on Saturday, so make sure you take part now! You can purchase your package by clicking HERE and entering the code ‘newyear’ at checkout! *PLEASE MAKE SURE TO READ THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION* and have enough self-awareness to fully commit to the entire 4 weeks! I am not a hand-holder, so I put the ball in your court quite a bit in this type of format.

I sincerely want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. My blog readers are what keep me going-I love to write and share. Thank you for always reading! Cheers to a new year with all of you!

xoxo, Nic

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