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My Three amazing, beautiful, absolutely unique and precious children. Can I just get an Amen to the beauty of motherhood and all of it’s crazy, exhausting, yet exhilerating glory! When I look at this picture, I can’t believe that just one year ago, I was so frustrated {again} with the slow progress of my postpartum weight loss. It’s the EXACT same after each baby. Exact. Same. Gain 40 pounds, have large baby, breastfeed, exercise and lose weight at what seems to be the slowest rate humanly possible. I don’t want to bore you with all of my weight-loss pictures, so I am choosing to show you the highlight reel here. 


I gain close to 40 pounds when I am pregnant. That’s no joke. I also exercise up until the day I deliver. I am fortunate to never have any complications and can do so. I am 5’2 and by every stretch of the sense a small person. Bones, feet, hands, height, all small. Technically a hobbit me thinks. So, 40 pounds is a lot to carry! By Round 3 of pregnancy, I had to just succumb to the fact that my body must need that weight because I am not one who “eats for two”, I am a personal trainer for Pete’s sake! The fact that I have friends who literally gain 18 pounds during their entire pregnancy, just didn’t phase me the third time around. Amazed me for sure, but I no longer felt the need to compare my weight gain. “It is what it is,” I would say. You see, it wasn’t the 40 pound weight gain that was the problem, it was the time it took to get the 40 pounds off.


I just want to strangle “they” who say breastfeeding allows EVERYONE to shed pounds easily after baby. Because “they” made me crazy when I didn’t shed 10 pounds overnight. No, not me. Nary even one. In fact, breastfeeding made me stay exactly the way I was. My body needed to keep fat to make it, I suppose. This fact about my body still stumps me. When I begin to drop a feeding around 5 months, I s-l-o-w-l-y start to shed the lbs.




Notice the huge jump! Crazy! Right? Sisters, I am just here to tell you, hang in there. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones. I am SO happy for you. Honestly, enjoy the breastfeeding and all the benefits that you get with it. But for those of you who are like me, there is light at the end of the tunnel! I promise. I know, I know, I KNOW it is so much easier said than done. After all, we want to fit into our clothing right away! By the 10th, 11th, 12th, etc. month of not only being pregnant, but still feeling pregnant, it’s time to bust out of the maternity jeans no matter the comfort of the elastic waistband. No one likes to wait, it’s not easy. Here are some of my suggestions to aid you along in this short {trust me, in the scheme of things, it is} time of waiting:


1. Don’t starve yourself. Please. This does you no good. Your mood is already shaky because of your lack of sleep, correct? If your blood sugar levels are low and you are starving yourself, no one is happy. Eat. But eat well. Fuel up with protein and carbs. Keep high protein snacks on hand. Pack them up in baggies and toss them in your purse. Think plain almonds, beef jerky and protein bars. Stock your fridge up also. Cottage cheese {my hero, go-to protein snack}, string cheese, GREEK yogurt and hard boiled eggs. When you get hungry, grab a snack like that instead of the diet coke and chips. Moms tend to eat whatever they can easily grab, so be prepared! And be surprised at how good you feel.

2. Avoid Sugar . I hate to be a kill joy, but sugar is a downer. As much as I hate writing that, it just is. This is coming from a woman who needs 2-3 teaspoons of it in her coffee. Period. Not budging on that. However, I try to let that be it for me for most of the day. Candy, sodas, diet sodas, cookies are not the snack for you. It’s on the top of the pyramid for a reason. Use it sparingly.

3. Exercise. Mood boost!!! This one, I love. If you are a new mama returning to exercise, start slow. I am not an advocate for a marathon or cross-fit games 6 weeks postpartum. Those people are unicorns, not real people. Get you doctor’s clearance. Get a good stroller. Find an awesome DVD for home. Run. Walk. Bike. Do 10 pushups and 10 squats. Something is better than nothing! You will feel so good to get the endorphins going and you will be surprised at the energy it gives you! I always giggle because no matter if I have lost 0.0001 ounces, if I have exercised, I feel like I am almost there!

4. Don’t Compare. Don’t look at the magazines, people. Don’t. Ban them from your mailbox, avoid them in the grocery line, and turn the TV off if the dang Today Show talks about it one more time! Celebrities are not super human. They are super rich. They have night nurses, nannies, chefs, and trainers that work with them round the clock. Their job is to make us gaga over them on screen. Do you want to work out 7 hours a day and drink kale juice with lime every day? I didn’t think so. If they wanna wear a bikini 6 days after baby, let ’em. That goes for any neighbor, friend, sister, or whoever that seemed to get that bangin’ body right away. Be happy for them, and you just do you. Your body has given LIFE to a HUMAN BEING. Can you even wrap your brain around that? I can’t!

5. Gain Perspective.  Even as I write this to you, I tear up. The moments when I was so frustrated with my muffin top flapping over my jeans could have been spent marveling at my baby and cuddling her fiercely, knowing in a year she would be too mobile for me to steal a kiss. Time moves so quickly, guys. Who cares about the superficial stuff when you have all that you have. Be thankful for all the gifts you have been given. Even if you can think of only a few.

I get it. I am in this with you. Cheering you on every step of the way!

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1 Comment on Body After Baby

  1. Stephany
    November 13, 2015 at 1:46 pm (3 years ago)

    Thank you for the real perspective pictures Nicki! I feel good about where I am at 5 weeks post cesarean section. I know my stomach can be flat again and that eating well and rest is important in the recovery postpartum weeks. Bless you and keep encouraging moms!


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