No More Excuses: Find Your Soulmate {workout, that is.}

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Between diaper changes, figuring out naps, nuturing a marriage, planning healthy meals for kids who won’t eat them, maintaining a social life and hopefully sleeping, one may ponder…”How the heck and I supposed to find time to work out and even if I do–what am I going to go?” I actually get that question a lot. And it is the excuse of most women–no time. It’s a legit concern. However, if you are truly willing and wanting…you can find a place for fitness. It helps if you prioritize a few things. I’ll help.

1. KNOW THYSELF. Before anyone can start a fitness regimen. You gotta know who you are. What you should do to work out depends a great deal on your personality. WHO ARE YOU? Not WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE. Lemme unpack. Sometimes, I daydream. I drive by the local Crossfit gym on the way to pick up my kids. Doors open, people squatting, box-jumping and doing push ups upside down. I begin to lose myself in the thought of doing 85 chin ups followed by 250 squat presses. I am jacked. I am grunty and sweaty. I have a shirt on that says “Beastmode”. All of the sudden, JT comes on the radio and I start making up a dance in my head. Fantasy over. You see, the former is a fictitious me. Not to say that I CAN’T do Crossfit. I probably could and I might even love it! But the REAL me, the me who loves to inspire people–is a former sorority girl who loves hip hop dancing and loud music. And lots of people booty shaking. And…air conditioning. I was made to teach upbeat, high intensity fitness classes. That’s what I like. So, I say that to identify yourself. Did you once love to run Cross Country in high school? Maybe get a pair of running shoes and start again. Sporty Spice? Pick up a tennis raquet. Love to be challenged and never do the same thing? Maybe a bootcamp! Know who you are as you begin to start!

2. FIND THE TIME. This might be the hardest part of the journey. Think about your day. When you do find the most solitude? Are your children able to play alone for bits of time? When do they nap? Is your husband or partner able to stay home before or after work for you to steal away for 90 minutes? Use them. For me, it’s the earliest hour physically possible. The 5 a.m. wake up. It’s not easy to get up. It’s not fun. Trust me though, it’s always worth it. You have the rest of the day to do whatever you need. And if you are one of the few lucky ones, you might even get home before anyone in the house is awake! HELLO, SOLITUDE! I seriously urge you to try to get up early if you struggle to find time. Definitely takes courage and work, but it is a good approach for those of you with days that are stacked. This is my alarm schedule! YIKES!


If you try the early thing and it’s not for you, perhaps you can try to work out during the day! I’ll touch more on home workouts in a bit-they are a great alternative and very do-able!

3. FIND YOUR SOULMATE WORKOUT {or at least date around to find it} 12 years ago, I took one Turbo Kick class and was totally hooked. So fast paced, intense and effective! I loved that I got to feel strong and use my dance background. It just felt so natural to do it! It’s my soul mate workout. It’s something that you don’t want to do every single day, but when you do it, it makes you happy–makes your endorphins soar. It doesn’t mean you can’t do and love other workouts too, but this particular one makes you look forward to working out. Here are some ideas of where to start:

Join a Gym-definitely has it’s positives. Most likely, it will even have childcare so you can go whenever you please if you are comfortable with leaving your kid(s). You have lots of equipment and I advise you to join a gym with classes and try them out. Downside is cost. It’s sort of a ‘use it or lose it’ mentality!

Get a Personal Trainer- this isn’t a shameless plug, I really think getting a personal trainer is a great idea if you have the time and money. Perfect for shaking things up. I love training, but I do realize and will tell you not everyone can afford one. Heck, my ultimate dream job is to have one long-term client. Bob to Oprah. Tracey to Gwenyth. Though, the cost might be high, it is worth the bang for your buck. A lot of gyms offer personal training. If you feel lost on where to start, you can purchase a few sessions there to get some directions, and gym trainers tend to be easier on the wallet than those who freelance. Do make sure to check credentials. You want someone certified and not just someone they put on the floor as a gym employee.

Bootcamp- These are great if you hate doing the same thing day in and day out. I love this concept! Also, there are others around you to help you stay motivated. Sometimes accountability makes all the difference. Not to mention other people to make jokes with when you are doing burpees in the wee hours of the morning {or evening}.

Home Videos/Tabata workouts- If you are not ready to leave the house just yet and you can handle a distraction or two during your workout, there are some AH-mazing home work out videos. Turbo Fire, PiYo, P90X, Insanity, T25, 30 Day Shred to name a few. Also, let Pinterest do the work. Search “tabata” workouts and there are some really great, intense, short workouts that will benefit you greatly. I did a Tabata workout 3X a week when Woods was born until I went back to the gym at 8 weeks. I also did a modified version of ChaLean Extreme. Good Stuff.

Yoga-I will admit, if there is one area of fitness I need to improve on…it’s yoga. Flexibility is essential to a well-rounded healthy person!! I have trouble finding time for it, but it is really a love of many. I think people attempt it often because is seems “easy” or “relaxing”. But make no mistake, yoga can kick your boo-tay! I would love to see it incorporated into everybody’s fitness regimen at least once a week! Errrr….including my own!!

I hope these were some helpful tips on how to get your journey started. Doesn’t matter if you are 2 months, 2 years, or 12 years postpartum. It’s a great day start getting healthy!

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